Should I start a business during the divorce process?

Posted on June 1, 2020 by Chris Kirker

Before taking concrete steps towards starting a new business while divorce proceedings are underway, it is critical to understand the impact that divorce has on entity formation and ownership. Specifically, there are three factors that may help an individual considering a new business venture during a divorce: characterization, process, and the existence of prior agreements.  […]

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How Are Retirement Accounts Handled in Divorce?

Posted on April 20, 2020 by Chris Kirker

Individuals confronting divorce often wonder whether they will be able to keep their retirement account(s) after divorce or whether they will be required to share their account(s) with their soon-to-be ex-spouse. Retirement benefits may include pensions, deferred compensation accounts, 401(k) accounts, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), or other retirement savings plans. In Texas, whether retirement benefits […]

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How Will Divorce Affect My Inheritance?

Posted on March 9, 2020 by Chris Kirker

Almost all of the property acquired by both spouses during the marriage will be subject to division by the court in a divorce. However, some property (called “separate property”) is excluded from this division. Generally speaking, separate property is property which was: Acquired before the marriage Acquired by gift or inheritance Acquired during the marriage […]

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Can I File for Divorce in Texas?

Posted on February 17, 2020 by Chris Kirker

Where a person decides to file their lawsuit for divorce can make a difference in the outcome. The Texas Family Code contains a few key rules regarding where a person can file for divorce. First: Can there be a divorce in Texas? As a threshold requirement, either the “petitioner” (i.e. the spouse who files for […]

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