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  • Can Being a Woman Business Owner or Leader Hurt You in a Physical Custody Battle for Your Children?

    Posted on August 2, 2023 by Holly Davis

    Many mistakenly believe mothers are more likely to receive physical custody of their children in a dispute than fathers. And this used to be the divorce norm in the country when families followed more traditional gender roles and fewer women were in the workforce. This presumption dates back to when women were traditionally seen as caregiver...

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  • When is Court Inevitable in a Divorce?

    Posted on August 2, 2023 by Holly Davis

    1. When you’re dealing with a bully. No matter what you say or how great your offer is, you have to go to court if the opposing side is dead set on intimidating you or emotionally manipulating you to achieve a better result for themselves. You need a neutral judge to decide on what’s fair. 2. When you receive an offer worse than your worst ...

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