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  • What is Common Law Marriage in Texas?

    Posted on February 2, 2023 by Chris Kirker

    Not all marriages in Texas are formal. We are all familiar with a marriage where a marriage certificate has been applied for, a ceremony is conducted by a member of the clergy, a judge or justice of the peace, or other person legally authorized to officiate at a wedding, and the marriage certificate is then filed with the county clerk[...]

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  • Should I Change My Will After a Divorce?

    Posted on October 17, 2022 by Chris Kirker

    After a divorce, Texas statute prohibits former spouses from inheriting or acting as fiduciaries to a former will that was created prior to the dissolution of the marriage. Texas Estates Code 123.001. However, although the statute prohibits a former spouse from taking property or acting as a fiduciary under the will you should still up[...]

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  • I Was Just Served Divorce Papers. Now What?

    Posted on October 3, 2022 by Chris Kirker

    Most people never want to end up being involved in a lawsuit or the judicial system. But sometimes we get pulled into a legal matter due to another person’s initiation of a proceeding. Just because you did not initiate the legal action does not mean that you are free to ignore it. Once papers have been served, the legal clock automat[...]

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  • Can I Collect Arrearages for Out-of-State Alimony?

    Posted on July 19, 2021 by Chris Kirker

    Unlike many other states, Texas does not offer divorcees a right to spousal maintenance or alimony. Instead, specific requirements must be met in order for a court to award spousal maintenance, and such awards are for a limited period of time. Despite Texas law’s strictness in ordering spousal support relative to other states, Texas c[...]

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