What happens to my child support order if I get remarried?

Posted on December 23, 2019 by Chris Kirker

A new marriage alone is not enough to modify a child support order. However, a remarriage will often lead to circumstances that a court may consider upon the filing of a suit for Modification. One of those circumstances is the birth of a new child. A new child could result in an income deduction, which […]

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What Does “SAPCR” Mean?

Posted on June 1, 2018 by Chris Kirker

A “SAPCR” is a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship. More specifically, this type of lawsuit addresses the rights, duties, and obligations that a parent has with regard to a child. Here are some of the issues that will likely be addressed in a SAPCR:        1. Conservatorship Will the parties be joint managing […]

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Texas is the state in the country which collects the most amount of child support: almost $4 billion annually. In spite of this, a lot of Texas parents still owe their children child support. In order to remedy the problem, the state is instituting a new measure to make parents pay what they owe. The state is […]

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32-year-old professional boxer and former WBO-NABO super welterweight champion James Kirkland was arrested in Austin on Monday, August 8. His charges come in connection to a child support case, an article of TMZ reported. The Travis County Sheriff’s Department booked Kirkland for contempt of court for non-payment of child support. Though the article did not specify how much […]

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