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Of the many custody choices parents face during a divorce, sole custody is one of the most likely to be fraught with contention and conflict. With the divorce process as stressful as it is, the additional pain of battling over custody can feel overwhelming. In Texas, to get sole custody of your child, a judge must appoint you the Sole Managing Conservator. That means you are the only parent with legal rights to make certain decisions regarding your child; this decision amounts to sole custody.

Unfortunately, Texas’ legal system does not favor Sole Managing Conservator arrangements. There is a presumption that joint custody is ultimately more beneficial to the child than sole custody. However, this preference does not make it impossible to get sole custody of your child. It does mean you will need an experienced Texas sole custody lawyer. The sole custody attorneys at Kirker Davis LLP have the professional skills and decades of experience necessary to fight for your legal rights and the rights of your child.


Factors in Sole Custody Cases

While sole custody decisions are rarer in Texas than in some other states, there are certainly circumstances in which the judge deems it appropriate to award sole custody to one parent. While it may seem obvious to you that sole custody is best for your child, the legal process places hurdles in your path. These include filing a custody petition and ultimately proving that your spouse is not fit to care for your child. You must convince the court that sole custody is in the best interest of your child. Factors contributing to the court favoring your case include:

  • A parent is unable to care for your child
  • A parent is unwilling to care for your child
  • A parent has abused your child


The court may mandate psychological appointments or drugs tests to gather all relevant information before making its decision. An unfavorable outcome can devastate a parent and put the child’s mental and physical safety at risk. Leave nothing up to chance when deciding your child’s future; call the family attorneys at Kirker Davis LLP as soon as possible.

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