What is the hourly rate of a Texas divorce attorney?

The hourly rate for a Texas divorce attorney varies. It varies by location and it varies because certain attorneys have different amounts of skill or different specializations. I think that generally speaking, attorney hourly rates range from anywhere on the low end of say $225 an hour, $250 an hour, perhaps an attorney just starting out, maybe in the first five years of their practice, all the way up to $500 an hour or more. I think the median range is typically between about $275 and about $400 or so in the central Texas area, but again, each attorney is different. They bring a different level of knowledge and skills to the table, and so I suggest that whatever the hourly rate of an attorney is, it’s very important that you speak with them and that you have a connection with them and that you get your questions answered, and then if you really like that relationship with your attorney, you can ask them questions about their hourly rate and go from there.

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