How long will a divorce take?

Posted on October 26, 2020 by Chris Kirker

Typically, divorces take longer than two months. And that’s because in Texas there’s a 60 day waiting period, which means that even if you and your spouse have everything agreed on and you’re just simply waiting for the decree to be finalized, you still have to wait two months. Now, most cases where there is not a lot of assets, or it’s a simple divorce, maybe where there’s an agreement about one child or two children, not a lot of assets to divide, those typically take three, four or five months to finalize. If your case involves a larger amount of assets or something complicated, like a business and the valuation of that business, then it’s likely going to take more time. But again remember, the clients and the parties are the people that determine how long the case takes and how much the divorce costs. So if you want to accelerate the time-frame and get your divorce finalized soon, then you probably need to determine how many things you guys can agree to and really just focus in on one or two areas of dispute that need help on.

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