What are temporary orders?


Divorce, or a child custody suit, is already a stressful time for families. A common part of either suit is the implementation of temporary orders. Now, temporary orders do not refer solely to restraining orders or protective orders. Temporary orders in the family law context are a way deciding common points of contention for the duration of the trial. Courts can issue temporary orders for the preservation of marital property during the proceedings, ensuring that each party’s interest in the community property is protected. The court can also issue orders requiring the payment of child support, spousal support, reasonable attorney’s fees, possession of the house or control of the business, all for the duration of the trial. As far as child custody, courts can enter an order for the temporary conservatorship of the child as well as restrict the location of the child to a certain geographical area. Temporary orders are a helpful way of maintaining the status quo until the suit is finalized and make sure each parent has appropriate access to the children.

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