Kirker Davis welcomes Alyse Donnelly as Partner

Posted on April 6, 2023 by Holly Davis

Kirker Davis is pleased to announce the promotion of attorney Alyse Donnelly as Partner.

Alyse’s unparalleled and seasoned judgment, skill in her craft as a true litigator, and her commitment to providing concierge-level services to her clients made easy our decision in the Fall of 2022 to invite Alyse to join Kirker Davis as a Partner, effective April 1, 2023.

Since her first year with Kirker Davis, Alyse Donnelly’s track to partnership was apparent and resolutely demonstrated through her legal acumen, management skills, and her ease of maintaining the core values which distinguish our firm from other service providers:

“Alyse’s philosophy of providing high-level legal analysis to every single client is commendable in the ever-changing legal market which oftentimes values quantity over quality, and financial gain over fiduciary obligation.  Her ability to both firmly lead a team and create collaboration amongst the group is a true skill,” said Managing Partner, Holly Davis.

We look forward to the zealous advocacy and knowledgeable and creative representation Alyse will continue to provide to clients in her role as Partner. Please join us in congratulating Alyse!


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