Are You Entitled to Spousal Support?


How can I get Alimony/Spousal Support?

The Texas Family Code provides several avenues for a person to be considered eligible for spousal maintenance in a divorce case. Some of these provisions involve disabled parents or spouses who are victims of family violence.

However, the two most important factors are;

  • Whether you have a real financial need for spousal support, and
  • Whether your spouse has the ability to support you

In other cases, a person may be eligible if the marriage had lasted ten years or longer and the person requesting spousal maintenance lacks the capacity to provide for his or her own minimum reasonable needs. A person may also qualify for spousal maintenance if he or she is the custodian of a child who has a physical or mental disability. This provision is applicable in those cases involving parents who are prevented from earning sufficient income to provide for the spouse’s minimum reasonable needs due to the amount of substantial care and personal supervision the child requires.

“Minimum reasonable needs” is a legal term of art for which there is no black and white definition. Establishing minimum reasonable needs will depend on the circumstances surrounding the individual requesting maintenance.

What information will I need to provide?

The information required by a court will vary depending on the individual case details, however, here are a few things most courts will require;

  1. Financial
  2. Health & Age
  3. Education & Employment
  4. Length of Marriage

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