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Divorce proceedings involving formal court hearings and judicial decisions are always immensely costly in time and resources. It is recommended for married couples who are seeking a divorce to consider alternative dispute resolutions before entering their case into the already overcrowded court system. In fact, some Texas counties require that a couple first goes through mediation in an attempt to solve their divorce quicker and with less complexity. Mediation is an often overlooked option that divorcing couples should consider before pursuing litigation as an option.

At Kirker Davis LLP, we believe that mediation can benefit many couples, from those who are involved in an amicable split to those involved in violent proceedings. Our attorneys see mediation as a negotiation of assets and we are prepared to use our legal prowess to protect your interests. Contact our offices today at (512) 598-0010 to learn more about how mediation may be the best option for you.


Why Choose Mediation?

In the mediation proceeding, a formally trained mediator is responsible for facilitating constructive conversation between the two spouses. The mediator will ask each spouse how they would like to split any assets, property, or child custody/support. From there, a negotiation process will begin and each party will discuss how they can most equitably split their belongings. The third-party, unbiased opinions of a mediator are also often very helpful for disagreeing spouses to come to understand the situation from a different angle. Mediation offers many other benefits for those that choose to utilize it, some of the most key benefits include:

  • Lower court fees and attorney costs
  • Faster resolution
  • Being able to negotiate for what you want
  • Maintaining a better relationship with your ex-spouse
  • A division of assets that both parties can accept
  • Saving any children the pain of a strenuous divorce


Mediation is often confused with arbitration, and while similar, there are some stark differences. Arbitration employs an arbitrator who is also responsible for creating a productive discussion between both spouses. However, at the end of the arbitration period, an arbitrator will hear arguments from both spouses and then make a legally binding decision about the division of assets. Mediation allows for a couple to vocalize what they want from the divorce in a constructive manner and will hopefully result in an agreement that will make everybody happy.

Contact a Mediation Attorney

If you or someone you know is considering pursuing a mediated divorce, it is still necessary to have strong legal representation present at the time of the mediation session. At Kirker Davis LLP, our legal professionals are qualified to negotiate on your behalf. We strive to protect your interests and get the results you want. Contact our offices at (512) 598-0010 to speak with a mediation attorney today.

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