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In typical divorce cases, dividing marital assets can be complicated if one or both parties prove combative or incompliant. In a high asset divorce, these complications can be exacerbated as the assets to be apportioned generally include multiple estates, luxury vehicles, stocks, businesses, and other valuable items that can cause discord between parties upon division. There is also the issue of hidden assets, unknown accounts housed in secret or offshore locations, and the typical presence of multiple sources of income. As such, stakes in a high asset divorce are generally higher than a standard divorce, due to the larger amount and net worth of assets to be divided.

Divorce can be emotionally draining enough, without the added hassle of protecting your highly-valued assets from a former spouse. At Kirker Davis LLP, our Austin high asset divorce lawyers are experienced with the unique challenges presented by high asset divorces and have dealt with complex litigation involving professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and other high-net worth individuals. We can provide help with handling and negotiating aspects of a high asset divorce in a fair way that appeases both parties.

Common Factors in a High Asset Divorce

In contrast to a standard divorce, high asset divorces generally require the additional help of appraisers, forensic accountants, financial professionals, and other experts to properly assess value. Assets generally taken into account in such cases include:

  • 401K, IRA, or pensions
  • Bank accounts, stock accounts, or brokerage accounts
  • Rental property, condos, vacation homes, or any other property
  • Primary residence and other community estates
  • Vehicles, boats, and yachts
  • Investments, businesses, and professional practices
  • Intellectual property
  • Life insurance policies


As with all divorces in Texas, the first step in allocating property is determining which assets are separate property and community property. A unique problem in high asset divorces is a large number of assets, generally spread across multiple properties, make it hard to be sure whether your spouse is being fully transparent in disclosing all their capital. This, combined with the valuable nature of such assets in a high net-worth divorce, often gives incentive to hide assets. Because of this, the assistance of a well-versed high asset divorce attorney is often needed to help trace hidden assets.

Contact a High Asset Divorce Attorney in Austin

The multifaceted litigation involved with high asset divorce can quickly turn time consuming and complex. At Kirker Davis LLP, our high asset divorce lawyers are dedicated to protecting your financial future and may be able to help you navigate through your assets while safeguarding what is rightfully yours. If you require a capable high asset divorce lawyer, contact our Austin offices at (512) 598-0010 to discuss the particulars of your case.

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