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Austin Collaborative Divorce Attorney

While divorce may be a long and emotionally taxing process, many couples understand that divorcing will make both spouses better off. For these agreeing couples, divorce does not have to be difficult.  Collaborative divorce offers couples the ability to reach amicable agreements through constructive negotiations and save immense time and money as a result. Despite both parties agreeing to work together, it is still imperative that any divorcing couple find qualified legal representation so that their best interests remain protected.

At Kirker Davis LLP, our attorneys believe that collaborative divorce can be a worthwhile option for divorcing couples to settle the terms of their separation. However, if this process is not handled properly, a spouse can risk losing out on property, investments, and money. Our qualified collaborative divorce attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that every divorce case we handle ends in a fair division of assets and debts and that both parties are satisfied with their divorce.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Unsurprisingly, the divorce process is simplified when couples agree on the core aspects of the split. These couples are able to effectively utilize collaborative divorce and use mediation and negotiation tactics to settle the terms of the divorce without the need for a long drawn out legal battle. Collaborative divorce offers many benefits for couples who choose to use it with some of the most common benefits include:

  • Expedited process
  • Informal setting
  • Lower fees and costs, when successful
  • Better post marriage relations
  • More negotiating power


It takes two consenting parties for collaborative divorce to be effective, and while collaborative divorce does offer many attractive benefits, it may not be right for every couple.

Contact an Austin Collaborative Divorce Attorney

If you or someone you know is looking into collaborative divorce, know that even though you and your spouse may agree on many aspects of the divorce, a competent divorce attorney is a must. At Kirker Davis LLP, our attorneys have extensive experience effectively handling collaborative divorces in the past and we are prepared to handle yours as well. We understand how difficult a divorce can be for both spouses and it is our mission to make the process as pain free as possible for everyone involved. Contact our office at (512) 598-0010 to learn more about how we can assist you in your collaborative divorce case today.

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