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Who we are?

Kirker Davis LLP is a boutique family law firm in Central Texas with a focus on high-end family law cases. We handle divorces involving professionals, family-owned businesses, custody matters, and complex litigation. The Firm’s core business philosophy is based on fidelity to the practice of law and a commitment to client service.

We are committed to providing concierge level family law services to truly make a difference in our community

Kirker Davis Remains Fully Operational and Committed to Our Clients’ Needs

With the current global situation continually evolving and impacting many people’s daily lives, our main priority continues to be the well-being of our clients. To ease anxieties that you may be experiencing regarding your matter during this time, below is a breakdown of what you can reliably expect from our team.

What Remains the Same

  • Fully Operational: Kirker Davis is still fully operational and is available to provide comprehensive legal services to our clients.
  • Same Contacts and Hours: Our attorneys and staff are still available to answer your questions and speak with you about your case. Our team is available at the same phone numbers and email addresses from 8:30am until 5:30pm, Monday through Friday.
  • New Matters: Kirker Davis is still accepting new family, estate and business law matters through our regular Intake process. Prospective clients may continue to (1) call us at (512) 598-0010; (2) email us at [email protected]; or (3) submit a consultation request via our website at

What Is a Little Different

  • Remote work: Because Kirker Davis has comprehensive remote working abilities, our team will be working securely from home. This means that meetings will be via either teleconference or video conference rather than in-person.
  • Texas Court Operations: Texas courts are modifying operations according to the developing situation. Most hearings are being converted to phone or video-conference, postponed or cancelled.  Kirker Davis attorneys are frequently monitoring their clients’ cases and will continue to stay abreast of developments with the court. Regardless of how your legal proceedings may be impacted, your attorney will keep you consistently informed.

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Kirker Davis Tips for Working Remotely

  • Communicate Clear Expectations with Your Teams at the Outset
    • Because remote work prevents regular, in-person check-ins and presents other unique challenges, each team member should both inquire about and convey clear expectations regarding updates, communication, workflow, etc. right from the beginning.
  • Share Updates Promptly and Communicate Regularly
    • Consider what types of updates are necessary for your teams in order to help everyone stay connected and informed and share those promptly, inclusively, and in an organized fashion.
    • Regular check-ins stop larger issues from festering, allow for immediate and regular feedback, and promote open communication.
    • Daily or weekly check-ins might include: (1) What did I work on yesterday?; (2) What am I working on today?; (3) What issues are blocking me?; (4) Am I concerned about meeting any deadlines?; (5) Do I need help managing my workload?; (6) Do I have capacity to help others manage their workloads?
    • Combat miscommunication by speaking on the phone or via videoconference when necessary and possible.
  • Consider Making Slack Your Virtual “Main Office”
    • To avoid isolation and facilitate a sense of accessibility, consider using Slack if you do not already do so. It will allow team members to see when you are available and contact you in real-time, much like swinging by your desk to chat quickly.
  • Continue Your Regular Morning Routine
    • Continuing your regular morning routine (i.e., showering, getting dressed, etc.) can help set boundaries between working from home and just being at home. Approaching remote work the same way you approach going into the office (minus the office part) can help motivate you in a way that staying in your pajamas may not.
  • Set and follow a schedule
    • When working remotely, work life and home life can easily blur together. Try, in advance, to deliberately schedule when your working hours are and when you are carving out your personal time.
    • Take regular breaks – health and productivity suffer without regular breaks for our brain and bodies.
  • Create a workspace
    • If possible, set aside a separate workspace in your home in order to further create boundaries between work-time and personal time.

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  • "The divorce process is not an easy one, but I always felt fully supported, informed, and guided by Chris and the staff. Chris always laid out the options, made me aware of the risks, and provided me with recommendations, but he also gave me the flexibility to work out things with my ex where I could, to speed up the process and avoid some legal expenses. I highly recommend Chris for family law representation. ”

    David - Divorce Representation

  • "I’m a lawyer myself and Holly helped me with my recent divorce. She did an amazing job. She covered all the little issues that would have collectively cost me a bunch of money in the long run if she had not been so detail-oriented and focused. She is a tenacious advocate for her clients who aims to resolve matters amicably but will fight tooth-and-nail for her clients if that is what it takes to reach a...”

    Anonymous - Holly is the lawyer who lawyers hire for their own divorces

  • "Chris handled my case professionally, efficiently, and demonstrated a very strong knowledge of family law. Chris took the time to learn and understand all aspects of my situation and used that knowledge to develop a focused strategy that led to a successful outcome. I highly recommend Chris. ”

    Martin - Excellent Lawyer

  • "They were so amazing to work with, second to none in responsiveness and work ethic. I would recommend her work to anyone looking for family law, and could not be happier with my decision to work with them. Just a great group of people who are knowledgeable and passionate about the work they do. ”

    Josh Campbell - Family Law

  • "This was as good an experience as you can possibly have with a divorce situation! They were professional yet compassionate. They treated me with great respect and were always available to answer my questions. The best part is they always had my best interest at heart. I would highly recommend Kirker Davis. They are the best! ”

    Susan M. - A divorce situation

  • "This was my first time ever working with lawyers and words cannot express how grateful I am. I needed direction during a difficult time and she provided step by step service. Would highly recommend! ”

    Erik J - Highly recommended

  • "I praise Attorney Alyse Donnelly for all the hard work and hours she put in my divorce case. I believe that her experience, knowledge, and quick thinking resulted in beneficial results on my behalf. ”

    Bertha S - My divorce case

  • "My experience with Kirker Davis has been amazing. She and her team respond within minutes or hours to even the most mundane requests. From the moment I walked in the office, I was greeted with an exceptional level of service, and even the receptionist inspires class and confidence. I wholeheartedly recommend this firm. ”

    Daniel - Custody case

  • "My ongoing experiences throughout our working together, made me feel like they were genuinely concerned about me and my integrity. Fantastic results! ”

    Edward - Fantastic results

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