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Austin Professional Divorce Lawyers

When both members of a married couple have highly skilled professions, such as doctors or lawyers, there is often a more complex divorce process due to their increased wages. With higher salaries come more valuable assets to protect and more properties to divide. Such divorces often involve premarital agreements as well. All of these things culminate into a more complicated and intense divorce proceeding, which makes finding strong legal representation all the more important.

At Kirker Davis LLP, our attorneys believe that divorces should always be as equitable and fair as possible. We understand that professionals work hard to get to where they are, and it is unjust for them to be forced into an inequitable division of assets. Contact our offices today at (512) 598-0010 to learn more about how we can help in your professional divorce.

Occupations Involved in Professional Divorces

Professional divorces often involve occupations that require higher education and much higher qualifications. These occupations are not easily acquired, and most of these professionals struggled through years of hardships to get to where they are now. It is only fair that they are reasonably compensated for all their hard work in the event of a divorce. Some of the most common occupations implicated in a professional divorce include:

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Business Executives
  • Researchers
  • Surgeons
  • Artists
  • Athletes


These are only some of the countless occupations that constitute a professional divorce. Many professional divorces see one spouse as the primary wage earner while the other is responsible for raising children and taking care of the home. Even though homemakers do not make a tangible salary, their jobs are some of the most difficult and they too deserve fair compensation.

Contact a Professional Divorce Attorney

If you or someone you know is involved in a professional divorce, they must take great care to receive just compensation. Whether you are a professional athlete or a stay-at-home parent, the Austin Professional Divorce Lawyers at Kirker Davis LLP are here to protect your best interests. Our legal team strives to find a way to split all assets fairly in the most amicable manner possible. For more information about how we may be able to help you, contact our offices today at (512) 598-0010.

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