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Austin High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

Married couples that share a high net worth often face a vastly more complex and intense divorce proceeding. Their high net worth results in the couple sharing more assets, more property, and more liabilities. These higher stakes make a fair division of belongings incredibly difficult for judges and attorneys handling the case. Furthermore, with higher net worth comes the ability for the opposing spouse to hire strong legal representation to defend their case. It is imperative to find the best legal representation to protect your interests in a high net worth divorce.

At Kirker Davis LLP, our attorneys have the financial and legal skills necessary to handle high net worth divorces. Perhaps the most challenging part of high net worth divorces is the valuation of all shared assets and debts. This division requires immense financial prowess to assess the worth of each spouse and to ensure a fair and equitable split of all their belongings. To learn more about our experience with high net worth divorces, contact our office today at (512) 598-0010.

The Complexities of High Net Worth Divorces

Many married couples struggle through years of hardships supporting each other in order to get to the financial place they are now. These divorces can become extremely heated when one spouse does not value the other as an equal, despite enduring great adversity together. In other situations, one spouse marries into the wealth. Even though that spouse may not have a high net worth independently, they have many other nonmonetary forms of value, which can be difficult to assess accurately. Cases like these also often include premarital agreements, which can sometimes only complicate the matter. Some other complexities behind high net worth divorces also include:

  • Valuations of businesses
  • Division of stock options, investments, and 401k’s
  • Possibility of hidden assets
  • Tax complications
  • Property division


The complexity of high net worth divorces, like all other divorces, increase drastically when children are involved. Because both parents are able to support the children financially, the primary caretaker is not as obvious as in some other divorce cases. When custody is eventually awarded to one or both parents, the amount of child support becomes the next large battle. Due to the high salaries of the parents, almost any amount of child support seems unfair and it proves immensely difficult for judges to deem what a child needs to thrive.

Contact a High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

If you or someone you know is involved in a high net worth divorce, you do not have face this battle alone. At Kirker Davis LLP, our legal professionals strive to fight for you and protect your interests. We are dedicated to finding an equitable and fair division of assets that both parties can agree to. If there are children involved, we will do everything possible to ensure that they receive a just amount of child support. Contact our offices at (512) 598-0010 to speak with a member of our legal team today.

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