What exactly is mediation?


There are several ways to settle legal disputes, and one of those ways is through mediation. Mediation is especially beneficial in divorce proceedings because it saves the parties time and money and typically leads to a more satisfactory conclusion for all involved. Mediation is the preferred method of resolution and courts will often encourage parties to at least attempt to mediate prior to going to trial, if not require it outright. Mediation involves a neutral third party, a mediator, who helps the couple reach an agreement on settling the case. All topics are addressed in mediation, such as child or spousal support, custody, property division, and any other issues that the couple wishes to negotiate. The mediator does not make any final decisions, rather they listen to both sides, identify points of contention, and bring their recommendations to the parties. The couple ultimately has the final say in mediation; therefore it is sometimes unsuccessful if an agreement cannot be reached. When this happens, the parties can meet again at a different time, or pursue a final trial.

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