What To Do If My Ex-Partner is Not In Compliance With Our Order?


First, determine the severity of your ex’s violations of the Order. If possible, try to make progress by resolving any potential misunderstanding without court intervention.

If multiple violations have occurred, keep a log. Write down the date and description of each violation. Be sure to also include a log of the steps you have taken in an effort to correct the situation in an amicable manner. Saving text messages and email communications can be helpful in the event you need to pursue an enforcement action. Also, be mindful of the communications that you send. It is best to avoid sending rude and angry messages, even if your ex-partner is sending these types of messages to you. Always be mindful of how your communications might look when presented to a judge.

By following the above steps, you will be well-prepared to go to court if necessary. However, if you do consider pursuing an enforcement action, evaluate how strong your position is. Does your ex-partner have a basis for arguing that the two of you have entered into an agreement that contradicts the terms of the order? Is there a reason or motive for the violations? Asking yourself these types of questions will help you prepare for a potential hearing.

Consult an attorney to discuss options and strategy before pursuing an action to enforce the current order. See our online chat feature at or call the office to schedule a consultation.

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