What Are Red Flags When Choosing a Divorce Lawyer?


As many people unfortunately know, going through a divorce can be extremely difficult. And while a good divorce lawyer can help make their client’s life a bit easier, a bad one can make things worse. Luckily, there are certain “red flags” that clients can look for to help them avoid problematic attorneys.

Poor Communication

Communication is essential to the client/lawyer relationship. Cases can move quickly, and developments can pop-up with little notice. On top of that, the law can be tricky to understand, and clients need to know enough of it to make informed decisions. Good attorneys communicate with their clients, letting them know what decisions need to be made and teaching them what they need to know to make those decisions. Poor communication will lead to major setbacks in a case and can leave a client feeling lost and confused about what to do.

Lack of Empathy/Compassion

Divorces are not like a lot of other lawsuits. They involve deep emotions and can greatly change the lives of the people involved. A divorce attorney who doesn’t understand this is going to be hard to work with and won’t help their client’s divorce be any easier. A good divorce attorney can empathize with their clients and will be able to help the client figure out what they want from the divorce. Lack of empathy can make this impossible and may lead to the client feeling frustrated and unheard. 

Overly Aggressive

While some amount of aggression can be appropriate in a lawyer, overly aggressive attorneys can do more harm than good during a divorce. Much of the legal system works collaboratively, and attorneys need to be able to work well with the other side. If all that an attorney wants to do is “crush” their client’s opponent in court, they will not work well in the numerous pre-trial stages that can save the client time, money, and energy. This can end up increasing the cost of a divorce and tearing the family apart (kids included). Good divorce attorneys know that sometimes they have to work with the other side to get what’s best for their client.

If you are in search of a divorce lawyer and would like to learn more about what you should look for, please contact Kirker|Davis today. 


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