Will I have to pay my wife’s attorney fees?

More times out of not, you will not have one side pay the attorney’s fees of the other side just for going through a divorce. So you’re probably not going to have your husband pay for the entire divorce just because you filed. What’s more likely though is that the community estate, the money that you guys have pulled together during your marriage will be the source of funding for the divorce. So attorneys fees will be paid and each side is typically responsible for their own attorney’s fees, but the community estate is usually the source of the funding for the payment of those fees. There is a scenario where one spouse does pay attorney’s fees for the other, but that usually happens after there’s been something like a hearing where rules have been put in place. And if that person after the hearing doesn’t follow the rules or does things that are determined to be bad behavior by the court, then you are allowed to have another hearing where you ask for the court to award attorney’s fees to the person that had to bring the hearing because of the bad behavior. That’s an instance where attorneys fees are typically awarded. But just simply to start the divorce process and to go through the divorce process, you’re usually not going to have another person pay the entirety of the attorney’s fees for both parties.

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