Which tips would you give to someone who is about to divorce?

I like to give people like top five tips or 10 things to think about. And so if you’re going through a divorce, I’d say the top things to think about are, one, get your assets and debts organized. Get a list together. Even identifying what you don’t know or what you don’t have access to is incredibly important for you and your attorney. And then the second thing is to start thinking about a perfect world, what you’d really want if the divorce went your way. The sooner you start thinking about your goals and your ideal scenario, the better. And once you start talking to your attorney about those ideals and those goals, the sooner your attorney can start helping you form them and shape them in the case. Third, I would be informed. I would ask every question of your attorney. You have the right to have your questions answered. And there is no wrong question. There is no stupid question you could ask. Your attorney is there because most people don’t know how to go through a divorce. Your attorney does, and their job is to pick up the phone and answer that question and to return that email. Because, again, you have the right to know, and you should know. The sooner you have the information, the better.

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