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My spouse told me not to get a divorce attorney. What Should I Do?

We often hear one spouse telling the other, to not hire an attorney. And in our experience, it’s usually, the spouse that has more of the access to the financials and, perhaps, is the breadwinner, telling the non-breadwinner that they shouldn’t hire an attorney. And there’s a simple reason for that. And that’s because the breadwinning spouse has some level of fear or concern that if their wife or husband goes out and hires a competent attorney, that they might not make out very well in a divorce case. And really, that’s a fiction. Most folks should get solid, competent representation so that they can understand their options. And amicably pursue a resolution to their divorce. So what I tell folks that are basically threatened if they go and hire a lawyer, is to pursue your options. Talk to someone that knows what they’re doing– an attorney. And find out what you ought to be doing for your divorce case.

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