Common Mistakes in a Divorce


I see people make very easy-to-make mistakes before they talk to an attorney. I think that a lot of people move out of homes and then call attorneys, and that’s a big mistake.

I see people moving money around or shutting people off of finances without talking to an attorney, and that can be an incredibly big mistake.

I think people try to minimize the amount of disputes that they have, and enter into a lot of agreements with their other spouse without getting any legal advice about the consequences of that decision. And so generally, I think the mistakes that people usually make are making legal decisions without the benefit of legal advice. So if you’re in that situation, I suggest that you don’t say no to these suggestions. You might very well move out. You might very well move that money around.
Just talk to an attorney first so that you’re able to game-plan and brainstorm the pros and cons of that move before you do it. I’d rather have someone call me saying they’re thinking about doing something than calling me and saying, uh-oh, I already did something, and I might have made a mistake.

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