How to retain an attorney without having enough money?

Posted on April 18, 2018 by Chris Kirker

Before discussing a retainer, start with an hourly consult. Meeting with an attorney and paying for one hour of the attorney’s time before you do anything else is essential to ensuring that you have an appropriate strategy in place for how to resolve your matter.  

If you cannot afford to pay a retainer, you also have the option to use the time during your hourly consult to discuss any draft outlines of pleadings or agreements you are considering. However, starting with a consult at the very beginning is the most beneficial route. Be very cautious of online resources and do-it-yourself methods, and keep in mind that template documents are not tailored to your legal needs.

In some cases, the Texas Family Code allows for a party to request attorney’s fees to cover the cost of litigating a matter. While you may need to charge a credit card or ask for a loan from a family member at the beginning, you may have a chance to recover for the cost of these expenses in the future. If you have questions about attorney’s fees in your case, call our office to schedule an hourly consultation.

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