How Does Choosing a Larger Family Law Firm Benefit a Client?


When selecting an attorney, there are many valid reasons a client may select a smaller law firm or even a solo practitioner. For one, clients at smaller law firms may feel like they get more individualized attention and are not part of a “factory line” of clients rotating in and out of a big system.  They may likewise feel that their questions are answered more thoroughly, their concerns are met with empathetic and caring ears, and that their case gets the intensive attention it warrants. However, when a larger law firm is run well and can successfully incorporate the best elements of a smaller firm, a larger firm offers an unparalleled experience to clients through its team’s vast array of capabilities and knowledge. 

At larger law firms, there is a coordinated and collaborative network of professionals; departments work cross-functionally, and clients benefit from the expertise, skills, and knowledge of every member within each department. From a team of paralegals with diversified backgrounds, to law clerks supporting your case with thorough research, to multiple attorneys who share ideas and experiences on challenging cases in front of many courts and judges, big law firms offer something smaller firms cannot: more brainpower and diverse skillsets. 

Truly great large law firms incorporate the positive elements inherent to smaller firm with the upsides of the larger firm. Unfortunately, what many law firms lose when they expand too quickly is quality. To grow fast, some firms hire less thoughtfully, train new hires less carefully, and communicate less thoroughly. This is a common pitfall that can be avoided through careful and considerate planning.

At Kirker Davis, we are committed to quality-driven growth. We have long recognized the many varied benefits of a large, multi-faceted, and dynamic team that can work collaboratively to produce optimal results for our clients. At the same time, our foremost concern has been maintaining the quality of our work and a client experience that aligns closely with what a client may experience at a smaller law firm: attention, empathy, and responsiveness. If you have legal needs in the areas of family law or estate planning, please contact us to speak with an attorney today.


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