Should I hire a mediation Attorney for my divorce?


Thanks to mediation, divorce does not have to always result in heated court battles. Mediation, which is also referred to as structured negotiation, is a private dispute-settling process. During mediation, a third party is used to help the litigants arrive at an agreeable resolution. Mediation provides a calm atmosphere where the parties can discuss the pertinent issues and arrive at a settlement. Depending on the complexity of the issues, this process may take multiple sessions to allow for extensive discussions and amicable agreements.

Mediation has become a preferred choice for many spouses in Austin. Mediation lawyers serve in the capacity of legal consultants, legal advisors and legal coaches throughout the mediation process.  Importantly, you can hire one lawyer to act as both ‘litigation’ counsel, as well as ‘mediation’ counsel, or your mediation attorney. The reason for this is mediation is often required prior to a trial attorney or litigation attorney moving forward with a contested final trial.

If you are contemplating whether you should hire a mediation attorney to help with your divorce in Austin, here are some compelling reasons why you should strongly consider it.. For starters, divorce takes a toll on your emotions, and you may not be in a position to think clearly and evaluate your options without some assistance. Before the mediation process begins, the lawyer should act as a legal advisor to help you understand your options. He or she can also help you select a strong mediator to facilitate a path towards resolution.

Additionally, your attorney will also serve as a coach. Throughout the course of mediation, you will no doubt have questions. The lawyer can advise you and clarify all the questions you may have. As a legal coach, your lawyer will also help suggest creative solutions that you can propose in the mediation sessions. The lawyer will also look out for your best interests and explain the implications of any agreements made in the mediation process.

One of the most crucial roles of your mediation attorney is to review the agreements made. Before you sign any legally binding document, it is critical to have them review the written agreement.

Once a settlement is agreed upon, your attorney can prepare the documents required for an uncontested divorce. Mediation consultation with an Austin divorce mediation attorney should be sought before any of the mediation process begins. If you wait until the conclusion of your negotiation, you may be legally bound to a commitment that may not be in your favor. Going back in an attempt to renegotiate may prove futile.

Consulting with the attorneys of Kirker Davis can make an otherwise complicated divorce process much smoother. Enlist our legal guidance and settle your disputes in an amicable manner.


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