Your Ultimate Fortnite ‘Battle Royale’ May Be Divorce


While it should come as no surprise that the international phenomenon Fortnite is vastly popular amongst teens and adults, the creators likely did not intend for their online gaming masterpiece to shatter relationships.

According to Epic Games, Fortnite boasts 125 million players worldwide. This boom in popularity is clear when schools are banning certain dances (“flossing”) associated with Fortnite, and sporting events across the U.S. are littered with fans and players “flossing” – the dancer holds their upper body mostly still while moving their arms side-to-side across and around their body. However, the public hints at Fortnite’s fame leave out an important piece of the game: the suffering spouse.

Between squad missions and infiltrating “Tomato Temple”, the gamer spouses appear to be forgetting about their partners in favor of virtual reality. News outlets report recent Petitions for divorce, at least in the U.K., are frequently citing Fortnite as grounds for divorce. While the Texas Family Code does not include such specific grounds as “online gaming” or “Fortnite” as a basis to seek a dissolution of marriage, Fortnite could be pushing some spouses to make the decision to file for divorce.

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