Do I Need A Lawyer For An Uncontested Divorce?

Posted on March 2, 2020 by Chris Kirker

Divorce can be taxing. Many people who have not personally been through a divorce have heard stories from family or friends detailing the emotional trauma of suddenly finding an adversary where there was once a trusted partner. Understandably, such stories persuade many spouses to seek a more amicable process. Even in these “uncontested” divorces, however, the advice of a trusted legal advisor can be an invaluable resource. Here are a few reasons to consider consulting with an attorney: 

  • Protecting Your Rights. The law has very specific rules and procedures for certain aspects of divorce, such as child custody and property division. Often, even the absence or inclusion of particular terms or words can make significant changes to a case’s final outcome. Having an experienced professional guide you through the process can protect you against unanticipated outcomes. 
  • The Devil Is in the Details. Perhaps you and your spouse have reached a broad agreement on child custody— for example: possession of the child will alternate each week. Though easy to understand, this agreement fails to accommodate many aspects of modern life such as: holidays, summer camps, and the possibility one parent may move too far away for a week-on, week-off to be feasible. An experienced attorney can help alert you to previously unconsidered circumstances and unanticipated future issues which may be significant. 
  • Changing Circumstances. Even uncontested divorces can be stressful for the participants. Often, even though the parties were on the same page when the divorce was initiated, negotiation of certain details leads to disagreements that can boil over into outright conflict. By starting the process with a lawyer, you can ensure that your goals are safeguarded despite fluctuating emotions.

If you are interested in pursuing an uncontested divorce, contact Kirker Davis LLP and speak with an experienced lawyer today.


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